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Operations Technology, Cybersecurity, and Resilience

Accelerating resilience for water infrastructure

Photo of microfiltration equipment
OTCR team member working on bank of network switches with laptop
West Yost provides comprehensive physical and cybersecurity services. Our cybersecurity specialist here is working on network switches for a vulnerability assessment.

Safeguarding water critical infrastructure with resilient design

For the protection you need, our industry leaders are creating change in the sector to maintain safe, clean water for our communities

The West Yost Operations Technology, Cybersecurity and Resilience (OTCR) team are experts in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system design and implementation; networking; cybersecurity assessments; electrical engineering; instrumentation, controls, and electrical systems (IC&E); data management; and programming.

We create change throughout the sector. Our team of experts 1) assess current infrastructure, 2) fix the issues, 3) improve the design, and 4) provide industry-wide leadership for better systems.

Services provided by our Operations Technology, Cybersecurity, and Resilience group include:

  • Cybersecurity vulnerability assessments
  • Operations Technology optimization
  • Cybersecurity resiliency planning
  • SCADA master planning
  • Operations Technology detailed design and implementation
  • Risk and Resilience Assessments
  • Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls design (EI&C)
  • Seismic Informed Engineering (SIE)

Additional information on our team’s project experience or qualifications is available upon request.

Our Key Initiatives

Industry Leadership – American Water Works Association (AWWA) Support

Sector Best Practice Training and Guidance Development

West Yost supports the AWWA’s efforts in risk and RRAs, cybersecurity, and ERPs. Over the last few years, West Yost has conducted cybersecurity training for utility staff, developed two of the five-module Utility Risk and Resilience Certification Program, led updates to the AWWA Cybersecurity Risk Management Guidance Tool, and is delivering outreach to small and rural systems.

Image showing logos of AWWA and highlighting risk management
image with logos of AWWA, INL  and West Yost

Critical Partnerships with Idaho National Laboratory and DHS Cybertool Update

Integrating cross-sector tools for the water sector

On behalf of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), West Yost worked with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to integrate the AWWA Cybersecurity Tool with the Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET®).

Microfiltration system image

Consequence Driven Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) for the Water Sector

Partnered with Idaho National Laboratory

CCE is a methodology developed by Idaho National Laboratory (INL). To-date it has been applied to protect facilities within the Nuclear and Energy sectors from cyber attacks. West Yost is working with INL to adapt this methodology to the water sector. This methodology assumes that if a SCADA system is targeted by a persistent and capable threat actor, it will be compromised. Based on this assumption our team designs SCADA systems in such a way that a utility will still be able to confidently carry out its mission of delivering drinking water to customers, even if the SCADA system is compromised.

Generic image of seismic monitoring

Seismic Informed Engineering (SIE)

Preparing control systems to support seismic resilience

Seismic Informed Engineering (SIE) is a holistic approach to planning, design and implementation of water systems with resilience to seismic events. SIE includes accepted seismic design considerations (i.e., structural analysis/design, seismic valves), and expands upon this approach by including the mechanical, electrical, communications and control systems as elements of resilience. SIE focuses on how a water system should react prior to, during, and after a seismic event.

Cybersecurity lock and mainframe

System Assessments and Penetration Testing

Understanding vulnerabilities to improve security

While utilities do their best to protect critical infrastructure providing water and wastewater services, they may not have the objectivity to find security flaws that could leave their utility exposed to malicious actors. Penetration testing services let Utilities evaluate the overall security of their industrial control systems.

Utility Resilience

Beyond AWIA compliance

West Yost has assisted more than 20 clients with their all-hazards America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 (AWIA) compliant Risk and Resilience Assessments (RRAs) and Emergency Response Plans (ERPs). Each project was a collaborative effort between West Yost’s RRA and ERP experts and the utility staff, who are experts in their system.

Town engulfed by wildfire

Team Spotlight

West Yost has assembled an OTCR team of experts from across the country who are dedicated to providing safe, resilient water infrastructure for all of our communities. They enjoy the challenge of their specialties and feel pride in working together to solve very complicated challenges. They are doing the best work of their lives at West Yost. Additional members are highlighted in project experience.

headshot of employee Daniel Groves

Daniel Groves, PE, CISSP

OTCR Business Sector Leader

headshot of employee Jeff Hesse

Jeff Hesse, PE

OTCR Control Systems Engineer

headshot of employee Laureano Brown

Laureano Brown, PE

OTCR Electrical Engineer

Available Positions

Operations Technology Consultant

AZ and CA, can sit remotely



Operations Technology Consultant is responsible for working with clients to provide services related to cybersecurity, IOT, Networking, Servers and systems with a water/wastewater operations scope. This person functions as a project leader, team member, systems analyst, and subject matter expert related to the above.

Information & Operations Technology Intern

AZ and CA



Information & Operations Technology Intern is responsible for working with the OTCR team to provide services related to cybersecurity, IOT, Networking, Servers, and systems with a water/wastewater operations scope.

OTCR Intern

Phoenix, AZ



We are looking for a driven and ambitious individual who wants to create a career in operational technology and cybersecurity. For this position, we are looking for an individual who is interested in preventing, detecting and

Insights & Trainings

West Yost is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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