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Programming and Configuration Services

Implementation affects electrical, mechanical, process and nearly all other branches of engineering and design

Programming and Configuration Services are essential to help utilities consistently deliver safe drinking water to the public and treat wastewater to be safely returned to the environment. Nearly all modern control systems depend on Programming and Configuration, network security design and implementation. The implementation of these systems affects electrical, mechanical, process and nearly all other branches of engineering and design. As financial pressures drive organizations toward more automation, control systems and software become more important as many critical assets are run remotely, sometimes completely unmanned during large portions of their operation. Owners depend on control systems to monitor and control these critical assets and notify operators of abnormalities.

To protect the public, these services should be professionally designed and engineered. Programming and Configuration Services offered by West Yost are included in engineering design which serves as the fundamental method for delivering these services. West Yost offers Programming and Configuration Services that align to the Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) methodology and implement Seismic Informed Engineering (SIE) approaches. CCE helps improve cybersecurity by adding a layer to network design, network configuration, control systems design, and control systems programming. SIE enables control systems to respond appropriately to seismic events.

Team Spotlight

headshot of employee Greg Smith

Greg Smith, PE

Programming and Configuration Lead, Senior Technical Specialist I