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Construction Management and Inspection

Administration and oversight so your project is built as envisioned and designed

Aerial of construction of the Tertiary Treatment facility at Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Comprehensive Management

Our experts identify and resolve challenges before they impact your project costs and scheduling

West Yost’s Construction Management Team specializes in managing our client’s construction process once the construction project is awarded to a general contractor.  Our construction managers and inspectors collaborate and coordinate between the contractor and our client. Our focus is managing the scope, quality, schedule, cost, and safety components of the construction contract to complete fulfillment and client satisfaction.

We manage risks to protect our client’s ratepayers from incurring additional costs due to the project delays and/or legal disputes, especially due to design ambiguities or contract interpretation issues.

Our experience allows us to identify and solve challenging problems, working with the designer to improve the constructibility. We earn your trust and deliver the project as you intended it to be with minimal impacts and headaches. We provide to clients both in-house electrical inspection and startup and commissioning experts. We specialize in construction administration and inspection of water and wastewater projects including:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Trunk Sewers and Sewer Rehabilitation
  • Potable Water and Recycled Water Pipelines
  • Water Storage Tanks – Concrete and Steel
  • Pump Stations
  • Wetlands Restoration

Project Highlights

Aerial of construction of the Tertiary Treatment facility at Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

EchoWater Tertiary Treatment Facility at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San)

West Yost is providing construction management and inspection services on the $300 million Tertiary Treatment Facility at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant as part of the $1.5 billion EchoWater project.

Turlock North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program Placed on Pipe

North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program – Turlock Component Project

City of Turlock

This $28 million recycled water pipeline project was constructed to convey Title 22 recycled wastewater from outfall location at the San Joaquin River on S. Carpenter Road to the City of Modesto’s Jennings Road Secondary Treatment Plant’s Effluent Pump Station.

Modesto Headworks, Dryden Box and Influent Flume Improvements installation of pipeline

Headworks, Dryden Box & Influent Flume Improvements

City of Modesto

This project at the City of Modesto’s Primary Sutter Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant recently completed construction. The project involved constructing numerous 30-foot deep reinforced concrete junction structures tying into existing structures and pipelines, installation of several hundred feet of 60-inch diameter reinforced fiberglass mortar polymer pipelines, replacing all five bar screens, replacing all three bar screens on Pumping Plant No. 3,  replacing screening washers/compactors, grit pumps, odor control improvements, and major electrical improvements that include replacing MCCs and upgrading control systems with PLCs to improve remote automated control via the existing SCADA system.

EchoWater Project – Nitrifying Sidestream Treatment

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

This project involved the construction of a triple-train sequential batch reactor (SBR) process to pretreat highly concentrated wastewater returned to the main treatment plant by nitrifying the wastewater stream using high speed turbo air blowers. Each basin independently treated the wastewater by blowing air through fine bubble diffusers which nitrifies the wastewater making it easier for the main BNR process to reduce ammonia content in the secondary effluent.

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District aerial photo of Echo Water Nitrifying Sidestream project site, next to river
Aerial photo of Phase 2 construction site

Phase 2 Biological Nutrient Removal/Tertiary Treatment Project

City of Modesto

West Yost provided construction management and inspection for this $102M wastewater treatment plant project which included a 12.6 mgd advanced treatment system and two-mile pipeline to the outfall location on the east embankment of the San Joaquin River.

Lower Northwest Interceptor’s New Natomas and South River Pump Stations

Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District

West Yost provided construction management services for this project which featured construction of two separate wastewater pump stations as part of the $600 million Lower Northwest Interceptor program. The pump stations included dual wet and dry well pump stations, CMU Switchgear Buildings, CMU Emergency Standby Power Buildings, buried Junction Structures, Odor Control Facilities, and Chemical Feed Systems.

SRCSD Lower Northwest Interceptor Aerial photo of pump station

Team Spotlight

West Yost hires construction managers and inspectors who are passionate about their work and enjoy the process of building something from the ground up and seeing it fully realized. They feel pride in providing clean water and good health to the communities in which we live and work. They are doing the best work of their lives at West Yost.

J.P. Davis, PE, CCM, QSP

Construction Management Business Sector Leader

Eric Harman, PE

Construction Manager IV

Ted Doty

Construction Manager IV

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