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Industry Leadership – American Water Works Association (AWWA) Support

Providing Best Practices to the Industry

Sector Best Practice Training and Guidance Development

West Yost supports the AWWA’s efforts in risk and RRAs, cybersecurity, and ERPs. Over the last few years, West Yost has conducted cybersecurity training for utility staff, developed two of the five-module Utility Risk and Resilience Certification Program, led updates to the AWWA Cybersecurity Risk Management Guidance Tool, and is delivering outreach to small and rural systems.

Task details include:

AWWA Workshops for Cybersecurity

West Yost’s team is participating in the development and delivery of training workshops designed to equip water sector managers and operators with the skills needed to effectively apply the AWWA’s cybersecurity resources. Workshop participant outcomes include identifying gaps in cybersecurity coverage as well as creating detailed, actionable steps to address those gaps to ultimately increase water systems’ security and preparedness.

Utility Risk & Resilience Certificate Program Development

West Yost provided technical content in development of the program. This program was released immediately following the passage of America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 and was designed to improve risk and resilience assessment and emergency preparedness practices across the sector.

Cybersecurity in the Water Sector

West Yost led updates to the existing AWWA Water Sector Cybersecurity Risk Management Guidance, self-assessment tool, and associated training and outreach materials. The tool was updated to help utilities improve implementation of cybersecurity controls and to facilitate compliance with America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 requirements.

Small and Rural Communities Cybersecurity Training and Technical Assistance

West Yost is adapting training previously published as part of the Utility Risk & Resilience Certificate Program to be more applicable to small and rural systems. This includes development of training materials, training the AWWA training staff on the materials, and providing technical support during the trainings.

Team Spotlight

Andrew Ohrt, PE, ERMCP

Risk and Resilience Lead (OTCR Principal Technical Specialist I)