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Recent Updates from West Yost

West Yost staff stays current on industry news related to water, both local to our clients, as well as state and federal changes in regulations and standards. We provide regular summaries below along with news about our firm, the thought leadership of our team of experts, and the community support we are proud to provide.


West Yost continues to lead in Water sector cybersecurity
Announcing Partnership with Dragos to help Protect Civilization in the Water Sector

West Yost is pleased to announce our partnership with Dragos. focused on protecting civilization across critical infrastructure sectors. Dragos is devoted to codifying and sharing their in-depth industry knowledge of ICS/OT systems arming industrial defenders around the world with knowledge and tools to protect their systems.

Learn more about Dragos’s expertise in cybersecurity in the water sector here.


Meet West Yost’s Groundwater Team
California’s premier firm providing groundwater management, modeling, monitoring and Watermaster services joins West Yost

California’s premier groundwater management, modeling, monitoring and Watermaster services joins West Yost. West Yost is excited to announce the addition of Wildermuth Environmental, Inc. (WEI), a highly regarded groundwater resources firm located in the Irvine, CA area. This team formalizes new Groundwater Business Sector which includes a team of 20 professional engineers and scientists.


West Yost Welcomes Wildermuth Environmental, Inc. To our Team
Expanding and enhancing our expertise and resources

West Yost Associates is excited to announce the addition of Wildermuth Environmental, Inc. (WEI), a highly regarded groundwater resources firm located in the Irvine, CA, area to the West Yost team.

For 30 years, West Yost’s mission has and continues to be the water firm of choice for both our clients and team. Expanding our groundwater resources expertise helps us to realize our mission and purpose and adds a great group of valued professionals to our team.


First in the Water Sector to Receive CCE Accelerate Certificate
Increasing knowledge of how to apply Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) methodology

10.8.2020 - West Yost is pleased to announce that three of our Operations Technology, Cybersecurity, and Resilience (OTCR) staff attended the ACCELERATE training offered by Idaho National Laboratory.

ACCELERATE trains attendees on how to apply the Consequence-Driven, Cyber-Informed Engineering (CCE) methodology and secure the nation’s critical infrastructure systems. 


West Yost Opens Oceanside, CA Office
Bringing High Value Solutions to San Diego County

9.28.20 – West Yost is excited to announce that we have opened a new office in Oceanside, CA located in the County of San Diego. As we settle into our new community, we look forward to getting to know our neighbors and sharing our passion for water planning and design. Our local head of office, Alex Bucher, PE, brings 28 years of experience in recycled water planning and implementation, water resources planning, and hydraulic modeling expertise to Oceanside.


West Yost Completes Southern Wine Country Infrastructure Phasing Plan Study
Eastern Municipal Water District Board Hears Details

9.14.20 – West Yost supports the build-out of Southern Wine Country Infrastructure by developing a plan to implement over $24 million in sewer infrastructure, including improvements to existing trunk sewers and new construction. The completion of the project could add up to 5,000 new equivalent dwelling units and the planning-level cost estimates were prepared for alternatives allowing Eastern flexibility for sequencing and timing.


Celebrating 30 Years and Supporting At-Risk Youth in STEM
West Yost Donates to STEM Activities Engaging Students

9.7.20 – This year is West Yost’s 30th Year Anniversary as a leader in water resources in the Western United States. At the core of our business we are problem solvers and many of us found our careers through our love for STEM. When we asked our colleagues at West Yost how to best celebrate the response was overwhelming: contribute to our local non-profits.


Celebrating 30 Years
West Yost to Donate 30,000 Meals to Local Communities

6.1.20 – In honor of their 30th Anniversary this month, West Yost is supporting those experiencing hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving to local food banks in Arizona, California, and Oregon. Their contribution will fund over 30,000 meals distributed throughout those communities, filling an immediate need.

Sundial Bridge, City of Redding, CA

Highlights of 100 Years of Advances in Public Water Supplies
Article by West Yost's Craig Thompson in CA-NV Section, AWWA's The Source

5.27.20 – West Yost’s Craig Thompson, PE, BCEE, recently submitted an article 100 Years of Advances in Public Water Supplies to the Section’s Source Magazine. It is an historical review of the past century of advances in drinking water regulations, treatment, and improvements in treated water quality. In 100 years, the advancement of healthy water resources is remarkable. Craig compares where we are now to the level of expertise before the Section was first formed in 1920.


Reopening the Office or Building? Steps to Prevent Unhealthy Water
From West Yost, a Water-Focused Company

4.15.20 – Depending on your location, when the time comes, we have put together some safety considerations for when you reopen your building. Being that our passion is water the focus is preventing unhealthy water based on information from the CDC and NIOSH. 

Reference links:

Time for a break. Make time to enjoy the view. West Yost, Arizona

Maintaining your focus by taking care of yourself
Your sense of belonging and taking breaks are key elements in your own productivity

4.1.20 – During these COVID-19 times, we may find ourselves struggling to find a sense of belonging. Without the in-person-connection and our teams working out of home offices, I have been made more aware of how difficult connecting can be. For those of us who are used to daily interaction with our clients, our teams, and our colleagues, this “shelter-in-place” order can have unintended side-effects or can create an array of challenging situations or circumstances.


AWWA’s New Cybersecurity Risk Management Tool
West Yost OTCR Team Supports AWWA

3.3.20 – Learn how to tackle cybersecurity and AWIA compliance with AWWA’s new cybersecurity risk management tool, which West Yost’s OTCR team helped to develop. See the article here:

Contact our team:

Andrew Ohrt




Starting 2020 with a Splash!
West Yost welcomes Aegis Engineering Management January 3, 2020

1.3.20 - West Yost Associates (West Yost) completes its first New Year’s resolution by welcoming Aegis Engineering Management (Aegis) to our team!  Aegis, headquartered in San Diego, California, specializes in recycled water planning, customer water connections, site retrofits, water pipeline and utility inspections and regulatory compliance for municipal water and wastewater utilities.


What Are the Top 10 Cybersecurity Mistakes Water Utilities Make?
Journal AWWA

12.15.19 – West Yost’s Operational Technology, Cybersecurity and Resilience team worked with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) to update the AWWA Cybersecurity Risk Management Guidance and Tool. The guidance and tool help water utilities improve cybersecurity practices and build compliance with the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018. Andrew Ohrt, Dan Groves, and Joel Cox worked with AWWA’s Kevin M. Morley to summarize the updates in Journal AWWA. West Yost is helping water utilities throughout the United States to comply with the new requirements.


AWIA 2018 Impacts to Water and Wastewater Utilities
America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018

12.1.18 – America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 was signed into law in October of 2018. Under this law, and for the first time since the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, utilities are required to conduct risk and resilience assessments


America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018
Impacts to Water and Wastewater Utilities

11.15.18 – This legislation includes provisions that impact water and wastewater utilities. The attached flyer summarizes key impacts to the water industry. The full text of the new law is available at:



Grants Due for Shoreline Protection and Restoration
San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, Measure AA

10.15.18 – The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (SFBRA) released its annual call for proposals to provide approximately $25M in Measure AA grant funds for shoreline projects that will protect and restore San Francisco Bay by: reducing trash, pollution, and harmful toxins; improving water quality; restoring habitat for fish, birds, and wildlife; protecting communities from floods; and increasing shoreline public access and recreational areas.

SFBRA gives priority to projects that:


DWR Flood Emergency Response Grants
Industry Update

1.1.18 – This is an ongoing grant program administered by DWR who has released the Final Flood Emergency Response Projects – Statewide Grant Round 3 Guidelines and Proposal Solicitation Package (PDF) and is accepting applications. The 90- day application period closes January 29, 2018, and applications are due no later than 5:00 PM on January 29, 2018.

Program Summary


Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
Gaining a Strategic Start on Addressing New Groundwater Legislation

1.3.15 – For the first time in history, California has enacted legislation that gives local agencies the authority and responsibility to manage groundwater supplies in a sustainable manner over the long-term. The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA or Act) requires the formation of one or more Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) for the 127 groundwater basins/subbasins identified as high and medium priority by the Department of Water Resources (DWR) with adjudicated basins being largely exempt. The Act does not apply to basins currently prioritized as low and very low.


Groundwater Resources
Links to Sustainable Groundwater Management Act Resources and More

California Water Plan Update Webinar

3.15.15 – The much anticipated Groundwater Report, prepared in conjunction with California Water Plan Update 2013, is ready for release. Join the Project Team for a 60 minute overview and short question and answer session.  TWO WEBINARS WILL BE GIVEN, one on April 23rd (9 a.m.) and the second on April 24th (10 a.m.).  Please register for the date and time that works best for you. Both will use the same agenda and presentations.