West Yost’s team provides insights on how water utilities can prepare for the future!

Utility Energy Management

Utility Energy Management

As utilities look ahead to the future energy management is top of mind. The water industry is evolving. While policy, regulations, quality standards, and economy are drivers, the catalyst for these listed drivers is the desire to do what’s right… that notion is at the heart of our core values.

“Water Systems are often one of the largest energy loads in urban areas, so managers of water systems must recognize that these systems are already viewed as an essential partner and resource by the electric utilities to support grid services.”

James Ferro, Climate Energy Reliability Lead, JournalAWWA Preparing Water Utilities for the Future of Energy Management, 06 July 2022

West Yost’s James (Jamie) Ferro is one of the industry’s energy management leaders. Jamie, along with our energy management experts is offering knowledge to our water utility leaders at upcoming events and in published journals and articles.

Check out these opportunities to learn more from West Yost team members about Utility Energy Management.

Read the published article, featured in JournalAWWA

Jamie Ferro is featured in JournalAWWA’s July/August 2022 publication: Preparing Water Utilities for the Future of Energy Management.

Download the article here.

Presenting at CASA 2022 Annual Conference

Presentation: Future-Proofing Wastewater System’s Energy Supply

When: During the Association Committee meeting

Date: Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Time: 11:30 – 12:45 PM

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Jamie Ferro is a Project Developer with West Yost Associates leading the creation and growth of the firm’s Climate Energy Reliability practice area. He has extensive experience designing and implementing resource management initiatives through the integration of scientific, economic, and policy components. Jamie has developed energy and reliability projects at well over 100 municipal and commercial facilities and has engaged energy utilities across the county to support technical feasibility studies as well as to provide incentives that offset project costs. Jamie is a member of the Water Solutions Network and an Adjunct Professor at Chapman University, teaching courses on water and environmental policy in the Schmid College of Science and Technology.

Douglas (Doug) O’Brien is a Certified Energy Program Manager with West Yost and has over 15 years of experience supporting public agencies with energy management, project development, and implementation. Doug most recently provided business development and project management services for The Clean Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid. Doug also worked as a Program Manager with The Energy Coalition (TEC) and contributed to the development and implementation of the Southern California Regional Energy Network, a CPUC-funded program established to help local governments throughout Southern California identify and implement energy efficiency projects. Before joining TEC, he was Energy Projects Coordinator for the Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance focused on providing energy efficiency project development for local governments throughout Ventura County. Doug has extensive experience in energy management, data analysis, financial analysis, competitive strategy, product development, and marketing. He holds a BA from Grinnell College and an MBA from Yale.

Wyatt Troxel is with West Yost and is an educator, practiced scientist, technology facilitator, and consulting advisor to the water/wastewater industry. He has more than 50 years of experience in wastewater system management, optimization, and technical advancement. His academic background is in aquatic microbiology, chemistry, and physical sciences, and has held Grade V operator certification for nearly 40 years. He is regarded as an expert practitioner in natural and advanced biological and chemical treatment and provides technical expertise in wastewater collection and conveyance, physical, biological, and chemical treatment process management, and setting policy and practice standards. Since the 1980s he has practiced and advised on process-based energy management and efficiency improvements via advancements in technology and management strategies. He has been a frequent speaker and contributor to CASA, CWEA, WEF, and WateReuse and has provided numerous sessions in operator certification since the 1970’s.

Gary Darling is a retired General Manager from Delta Diablo Sanitation District in Antioch and a Past President of CASA. His public service spans 34 years in the water and wastewater sectors and he has been consulting on advanced water and bioenergy projects for the past 5 years. He prides himself on only working on projects that he thinks are game changers for our industry. Today he will talk about a pioneering project he is working on with Monterey One Water and the Monterey Regional Waste Management District. They want to construct the Monterey Microgrid Project that will allow them to isolate from PG&E to avoid rising costs and power shut offs; and be able to sell excess power generated from the organics each management is responsible to manage.