West Yost Offers Flexible Work Options

West Yost’s flexible work policy offers options that support individual team members while maintaining our high-quality service. Our policy supports our commitment to the wellbeing of our team and our shared success. We are a Great Place to Work®, after all.

West Yost’s Flex Policy includes:

  • 9/80 schedules
  • Flexible locations between West Yost offices
  • Remote work options
  • Flexible start and end times
  • Reduced schedule options

It’s the best of all worlds! We’re keeping our offices open and accessible. We are outfitting our remote team members with the mentorship and equipment they need to be successful and effective. We are staying connected through team building activities, community events, and engaging with each other. And we’re looking forward to our annual events like our annual All-Staff and Duck Dinner, Camp Sacramento trip, and holiday parties which offer opportunities for social interaction.

We’re thrilled to announce our Flex Policy, and we’ve thought through the details. For more information, contact us! We’re hiring.