2022 BIG Day of Giving!

Big Day of Giving

West Yost makes upstream investment during the Big Day of Giving!

As part of the Big Day of Giving, West Yost has chosen to support the Aerospace Museum of California, located in McClellan, CA (near Sacramento). The Museum’s vision is to provide an interactive STEM experience to every child, school, and family in the greater Sacramento region. Their goal is to give 30,000 local kids a STEM Experience, regardless of socioeconomic background. Organizations like this are a foundational piece of our work as these STEM programs serve as the spark of interest in STEM-related fields and broaden options for children seeking to learn more. Together, our contribution will make a difference in a child’s life.

About the Aerospace Museum of California

What makes an aircraft fly? How do rockets reach space? Who are the people behind engineering these magnificent technologies? Come find out!

With over forty aircraft and an intriguing aerospace section, the museum explores the wonders of flight and technology. They encourage visitors to get up close, touch, and experience flight. Their hands-on learning exhibits are designed to truly inspire our future generations.

The Museum would like to give 30,000 Sacramento kids a STEM Experience, regardless of socio-economic background. Its goal is to provide a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Summer Camp experience to as many children as possible. Many kids don’t have the opportunity to visit a museum and may never realize their interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math-related careers. Donations will help inspire future leaders to pursue a career in STEM industries.

Kids participating in Summer Camp will have exposure to many of the Museum’s exhibits such as the last Makani M600 energy kite in existence. The world’s largest rigid wing kite is on permanent display at the Museum!

The Aerospace Museum of California is more than just a museum. They are an educational community dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

Click here to support the Museum in its goal of giving 30,000 Sacramento kids a STEM experience!