West Yost and AWWA are co-authoring the Book on CCE in the Water Sector, Coming in 2023

West Yost is currently working with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) on Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE) in the Water Sector! The book is expected to publish mid-2023.

CCE and CIE were developed by Idaho National Laboratories (INL) to improve the cyber-resilience of our critical infrastructure. West Yost is leading the application of both CCE and CIE in the Water Sector.

West Yost’s team Daniel Groves, PE, CISSP, and Andrew Ohrt, PE have prepared a quick guide covering the CIE framework, fundamental questions, and opportunities to implement CCE/CIE within your organization. You can view the guide here.

Read more about West Yost as INL’s first Licensed Partner!


The AWWA is an international, nonprofit, scientific, and educational society dedicated to providing total water solutions assuring the effective management of water. Founded in 1881, the Association is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world.

Learn more: https://www.awwa.org/cce