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Water Master Plan Update and Collection System Master Plan Update

City of Stockton

West Yost is preparing an update to the City’s Water and Collection System Master Plans. These efforts will provide an evaluation of water system and collection system infrastructure needs. The master plans will support buildout identified in the recently updated Envision Stockton 2040 General Plan with an updated capital improvement plan. After collaborating with the City to confirm project goals, priorities, and strategies, specific tasks include:

Water Master Plan

Collection System Master Plan

The projected wastewater flow development is being collaborated carefully with the water demand projections developed by West Yost as part of the Water Master Plan update to ensure consistent development projections. The water demand projections developed for the Water Master Plan will be used in the City’s 2020 Urban Water Management Plan, and the recommended capital improvement program will be used in the City’s water rate study update. West Yost will train City staff on the update and use of the hydraulic models, and West Yost will provide multi-year technical support for model updates and hydraulic analysis of proposed development projects.

Team Spotlight

Elizabeth Drayer, PE

Acting Water Resources Practice Area Leader, Vice President

Chris Malone, PE

Principal Engineer II

Patrick Johnston, PE

Principal Engineer I