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Stormwater Capital Improvement Program Master Plan

City of Rancho Cordova

Here, West Yost is finishing the stormwater master plan, which focuses on evaluating the City’s trunk storm drain system. West Yost has also completed Hydraulic and Hydrologic modeling for existing conditions and for evaluating improvements. West Yost has completed the data collection and condition assessment field work activities to confirm the configuration of the trunk drain system and define its condition. We are currently (early 2021) finishing the report documenting the outcomes of the Stormwater Capital Improvement Program Master Plan (SCIPMP). Pipe improvements, detention storage, and pump station reconstruction, as well as numerous maintenance projects are needed to improve the drainage system capacity, improve water quality, and avoid potential system failures.

The CIPs from the SCIPMP include:

While these projects are currently at a planning level, West Yost has the expertise and wherewithal to quickly progress them through feasibility to design completion.

Team Spotlight

Michele Miller, PE

Associate Engineer II

Melissa Duffy, PE

Associate Engineer II