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Recycled Water Support Services

City of Oceanside

Our team is assisting the City of Oceanside, as part of the City’s Upper and Lower San Luis Rey Water Reclamation Facility Conveyance Systems project, with various on-site recycled water services.

Support services include attending initial meetings with potential recycled water users to discuss the City’s project. Following each meeting, a site survey report is prepared for the customer that describes the recycled water conversion process, assesses the site-specific conversion requirements, and provides a cost estimate for the conversion. Once customers submit recycled water irrigation plans to the City, West Yost provides plan check review, inspection, and potable and recycled water cross-connection testing services. Potential customers include three golf courses, cemeteries, parks, various homeowner’s associations, commercial centers, agricultural users, and medians/streetscapes.

Additional services involve the preparation of retrofit plans for the conversion of City-owned sites such as City Hall and various parks and medians, the review of the City’s recycled water specifications and standard drawings, the annual inspection and cross-connection testing of existing and future recycled water customers, and as-needed services to support the City recycled water project.

As the City’s representative, West Yost staff coordinates the on-site approval of the various customers with the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, the State Water Resources Control Board – Division of Drinking Water, City’s staff, and the various said customers.

Team Spotlight

Alex Bucher, PE

Principal Engineer II