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Recycled Water and Alternative Water Supply Planning

Stanford University

West Yost has advised Stanford on recycled water use opportunities on campus since 2010. As part of our work for the university, West Yost prepared a recycled water white paper that outlines potential campus-related recycled water uses, recycled water regulations, permitting issues, and water quality.

West Yost worked with Stanford to determine the feasibility of injecting onsite groundwater into the campus-wide potable water system that is currently supplied with water purchased from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Additionally, West Yost prepared studies to assess the feasibility of alternative water supplies for non-potable applications, including the use of graywater, lake water, and process water for toilet flushing in new residence halls and academic buildings.

Team Spotlight

Anita Jain, PE

Recycled Water Practice Area Leader, Principal Engineer I