Water Facilities Master Plan
California Water Services Company – Visalia Service District, California

West Yost is preparing a Water Supply Facilities Master Plan for Cal Water’s Visalia Service District. The project includes creating a hydraulic model using InfoWater® software. Cal Water has an existing geodatabase developed for the Visalia District facilities and desires to maintain a connection between the developed GIS and the hydraulic model.

West Yost has been working closely with the Cal Water GIS staff to establish a protocol to ensure a one-to-one relationship between the two databases. Unique identifiers were established for all of the facilities which provide a connection between the GIS and the model. The GIS based platform for the hydraulic model allows more accurate allocation of demands based on geocoded consumption data and buildout land use shapefiles to deliver accurate demand allocation based on real water use information. The protocol established between Cal Water staff and West Yost allows a seamless update of the information in both GIS and the hydraulic model.