Sanitary Sewer Master Plan
City of Vacaville, California

West Yost prepared a City-wide sewer master plan and system hydraulic model for the City of Vacaville, which has served as the basis for City-wide sewer planning for nearly ten years. Over the years, West Yost has maintained and updated the sewer master plan. In conjunction with past master planning efforts, West Yost also developed a 20-year CIP and Development Impact Fee analysis for the City. 

West Yost’s update to the City of Vacaville’s Sewer Master Plan included the following services:

  • Field surveying of sewer manhole locations, rim and invert elevations, and pipe diameters
  • Compilation and analysis of sanitary sewer flow data collected since 1998
  • Calibration of the City’s land use based wastewater generation rates, sanitary peaking factors, and peak infiltration and inflow rates based on the flow data
  • Development and operation of an updated City-wide sewer model using a combination of H2OMap-Sewer and spreadsheet programming, building on the original modeling by West Yost.
  • Incorporation of updated data from the City’s Industrial Pretreatment Program
  • Identification of system improvements though an updated CIP used to set Development Impact Fees

West Yost is currently engaged in updating the City-wide sanitary sewer master plan based on extensive information collected over the past several years, and in support of the City’s General Plan update.

West Yost has completed dozens of other sanitary sewer related planning projects for the City over the past five years, as well as predesign studies on sewer replacement and capacity enhancement projects, and design of major sewer interceptor and pump stations, including five pumping station and force main projects (capacities of 1.5 mgd, 2.1 mgd, 6 mgd, 7 mgd, and 9 mgd).