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System Assessments and Penetration Testing

Understanding Vulnerabilities to Improve Security

While Utilities do their best to protect critical infrastructure providing water and wastewater services, they may not have the objectivity to find security flaws that could leave their utility exposed to malicious actors. Penetration testing services let Utilities evaluate the overall security of their industrial control systems.

In today’s cyber environment, it’s not a question of if a malicious actor will gain access to your systems. Utilities need to have an assumed breach mindset and focus on understanding how the malicious actor could cause damage within the environment. Equipped with this knowledge Utilities can implement cybersecurity controls and process design changes to mitigate the risk.

West Yost has partnered with Dragos whose mission is to protect the world’s most critical infrastructure and safeguard civilization. Dragos provides assumed breach penetration testing services specifically for industrial control systems. West Yost designs and implements industrial control systems for the water sector. Together we help Utilities identify their vulnerabilities and provide designs and implementation services to address any discovered cybersecurity weaknesses.

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