Innovative Asset Management Tools: InfoAsset for Informed Decisions

West Yost uses Innovyze’s InfoAsset (formerly InfoMaster) to assist clients in meeting their asset management goals for sustainable and affordable facility operation, maintenance, and repair/replacement. Our team routinely uses InfoAsset to conduct risk analyses, support decisions about lifecycle costs and remaining asset life, and prioritize capital improvement projects. InfoAsset excels at integrating information, including expensive and voluminous closed-circuit television (CCTV) data, into one platform where this expanded and centralized data can be analyzed and used to make informed decisions about aging infrastructure at both the system- and the facility-level. In addition, the software’s ability to directly translate CCTV data to GIS is an extremely useful and powerful benefit of this Innovyze product.

West Yost has utilized InfoAsset to assist clients in stand-alone projects, and as part of larger master planning efforts where condition and risk assessment results are incorporated into overall capital improvement planning.

If you want more information about Asset Management, InfoAsset, or West Yost’s asset management tools, contact Ann Girtz, PE