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Highlands ARD (4/5) Sewer Relief

Sacramento Area Sewer District

The existing equipment must remain operational during the construction phase, so careful sequencing and design of the new equipment is important.

West Yost is designing over 14,000 feet of force main and gravity sewers to provide relief to the existing sewer system that is currently experiencing flows above what was originally designed. West Yost is also designing a replacement lift station. West Yost has been working on this project since the project development/predesign phase and will provide bid support and construction support services.

West Yost is designing upgrades to an existing pump station, PS016, that will more than double its capacity. To minimize disruptions to the public, the original pumps in both PS016 and nearby PS015 will remain in continuous service until the upgraded station is complete, at which point all flows from the old PS016 and PS015 pumps will be diverted to the upsized PS016. Then all existing pumps will be removed and the PS015 lift station will be decommissioned. Because the old equipment will not be removed until after the new equipment is operational, there are important implications for construction sequencing and design: the small site will be even smaller.

Team Spotlight

Scott Greenwood, PE

Associate Engineer I

Tyler Newman, PE

Associate Engineer I