Influent Pump Station, Mt. View Sanitary District – Old Pump Station, Small Budget, Big Improvement

CASA’s Outstanding Capital Project

2016 Winner of CASA’s Outstanding Capital Project, Small Agency

West Yost worked with the Mt. View Sanitary District to develop a rehabilitation program for an existing pump station to address the key project issues of capacity, reliability, and safety while the project stayed under the Agency’s budget. Capacity was expanded from 5.8 to 10 mgd by installing new, larger pumps, and a redundant trailer-mounted pump was installed due to space constraints in the existing building. Reliability was increased by fixing potential sources of dry pit flooding, installing submersible-rated pumps that function even if the dry pit is flooded, moving sensitive variable-frequency drive equipment into the control room, and installing back-up float controls so the pump station operates even if the programmable logic controller or primary level sensor fails. Safety was improved by adding fiberglass reinforced plastic grating to the wet well access area, upgrading the ventilation and lighting systems, and increasing access to the control building to allow for easier removal of the pumps.

The final cost of the pump station rehabilitation project was approximately $1 million. This was $2 million less than the original estimate. The District is able to invest the savings in other critical infrastructure projects.