San Gabriel Valley Mountains and map of the six basins

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Watermaster Services for Water Rights Compliance and Groundwater Management

Six Basins Watermaster

change of groundwater elevation at wells

The Six Basins are a group of adjacent groundwater sub-basins located in Eastern Los Angeles and Western San Bernardino Counties. The pumping rights from the Six Basins were adjudicated in 1998 through a stipulated judgment, which established the Six Basins Watermaster (“Watermaster”) to implement the Judgment. The Judgment prescribes a physical solution for the coordinated management of the Six Basins with the objective that the parties to the Judgment can reliably pump their respective rights and maximize the beneficial use of groundwater. Our team was retained in 2011 to perform technical and administrative services for the Watermaster, including:

Team Spotlight

Andy Malone, PG

Principal Geologist II

Terrinda Alonzo

Geologist II

Carolina Sanchez

Senior Engineer I