Grants Due for Shoreline Protection and Restoration

Shoreline Protection and Restoration

San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority, Measure AA

The San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (SFBRA) released its annual call for proposals to provide approximately $25M in Measure AA grant funds for shoreline projects that will protect and restore San Francisco Bay by: reducing trash, pollution, and harmful toxins; improving water quality; restoring habitat for fish, birds, and wildlife; protecting communities from floods; and increasing shoreline public access and recreational areas.

SFBRA gives priority to projects that:

  • leverage other funding sources and public/private partnerships;
  • benefit economically-disadvantaged communities;
  • include local employment opportunities;
  • provide nature-based flood protection for critical infrastructure;
  • engage youth; and
  • include plans for monitoring and maintenance.

Project concepts can be submitted in a variety of phases, including: planning, design, environmental studies, permitting, construction, monitoring, operation, and maintenance. In addition, an acquisition may be considered an eligible project.

Proposals are due to SFBRA by November 26, 2018, 5:00 PM PST.

Additional information on SFBRA Guidelines is available at:

Need Assistance?
West Yost can help clients identify, apply for, and capture project funds through loan and grant programs. Our expertise includes working with multi-agency groups to identify funding mechanisms, maintaining strong institutional relationships, and coordinating documentation and schedule requirements for state, federal, and local programs.

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