Exploring Professional Growth at West Yost: A Reflection on the All Staff Adventure 

In the second week of April, West Yost’s team members came together for our annual All Staff event, setting the stage for a year of growth, camaraderie, and professional development. From engaging breakout sessions to the eagerly anticipated “Duck Dinner,” the event underscores our commitment not only to delivering high-value solutions that are well communicated and earn trust with our clients and partners but also to nurture the potential of every individual within the firm.  

Charles Duncan speaking to the entire firm at the 2024 All Staff.
Charles Duncan speaking to the entire firm at the 2024 All Staff

From sector and team events the day before in what we call “Connect Day” to the final applause of the Duck Dinner, it was evident that West Yost is more than just a workplace—it is a community united by a common vision and mutual respect. 

Led by seasoned and emerging leaders, the educational sessions offered valuable insights and opportunities for learning. From practical skills to leadership development, these sessions exemplified West Yost’s dedication to fostering continuous growth and learning among its team members. The topics ranged from managing stress and workload to delegation and productive meeting coordination and the emerging trends within our water industry and how to harness the power of AI.  

Lori Widmer during the speed networking breakout session at All Staff 2024
Lori Widmer during the speed networking breakout session at All Staff 2024

Our theme for this year’s All Staff was Adventure: West Yost Scouts and our team members had the opportunity to earn West Yost merit badges. Exhibiting our values, igniting engagement and support, sharing experiences and stories to stoke learning, and understanding – it was a sight to see our team members trekking through the venue with their lanyard of achievements.  

The Survival Relay, a heart-pounding team challenge, brought colleagues together in friendly competition, reinforcing the spirit of collaboration and teamwork that defines West Yost’s culture. Perfectly capped by the breakout sessions which provided a platform for individuals to chart their paths to success, with topics ranging from technical expertise to personal development. 

At the close of the event was the Duck Dinner, a cherished tradition that brings the entire West Yost team together outside of the office environment. Originally rooted in the founders’ common interest in duck hunting, the dinner continues to serve as a symbol of unity, fun, and delicious cuisine. 

2024 All Staff
2024 All Staff

The All-Staff Adventure at West Yost was not just a gathering—it was a testament to the firm’s unwavering dedication to professional development, collaboration, and creating a supportive and inclusive culture. As team members return to their daily responsibilities, they carry with them the spirit of gratitude, collaboration, and a renewed commitment to personal and collective growth. 

In the words of Charles Duncan, CEO and President, “Each day at West Yost is an opportunity to gain experience from one another and to contribute to the legacy of excellence we’re building together.” With this mindset, the journey continues, fueled by the shared determination to reach new heights, and achieve even greater success.