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North Valley Regional Recycled Water Program – Turlock Component Project

City of Turlock

Construction Cost: $28 million

This $28 million recycled water pipeline project was constructed to convey Title 22 recycled wastewater from outfall location at the San Joaquin River on S. Carpenter Road to the City of Modesto’s Jennings Road Secondary Treatment Plant’s Effluent Pump Station.

The project included:

Challenges included an abnormally wet 2018 winter and delays in fabrication and installation of 42” Welded Steel Pipe. West Yost CM led efforts with the project team to develop methods to streamline testing, inspection, pipe installation and overtime work, which helped the contractor to accelerate the remaining work in lieu of potentially being assessed liquidated damages.

Team Spotlight

Eric Harman, PE

Construction Manager IV

headshot of employee Amy Rangel

Amy Rangel

Senior Administrative Assistant