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EchoWater Project – Nitrifying Sidestream Treatment

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Construction Cost: $42.3 million

This project involved the construction of a triple-train sequential batch reactor (SBR) process to pretreat highly concentrated wastewater returned to the main treatment plant by nitrifying the wastewater stream using high speed turbo air blowers. Each basin independently treated the wastewater by blowing air through fine bubble diffusers which nitrifies the wastewater making it easier for the main BNR process to reduce the ammonia content in the secondary effluent. To maintain the correct alkalinity, a stand-alone dry lime facility was constructed to create slurry that feeds into the SBRs via a computer-controlled process system.

Included with the project was:

Team Spotlight

Kevin Swazas, PE, CCM

Construction Management Business Sector Leader

Calvin Yocom

Resident Inspector (Group 2)