Celebrating 30 Years and Supporting At-Risk Youth in STEM

Photo of children in STEM program

West Yost Donates to STEM Activities Engaging Students

This year is West Yost’s 30th Year Anniversary as a leader in water resources in the Western United States. At the core of our business we are problem solvers and many of us found our careers through our love for STEM. When we asked our colleagues at West Yost how to best celebrate the response was overwhelming: contribute to our local non-profits.

When reflecting about the obstacles we’re facing as a community, we consider the recent events and opportunities to lend our support. Considering this is the start of the school year we wanted to share our life’s work by making an upstream investment in the next generation of engineers and scientists.

We’re all too aware that this school year looks vastly different to our children. At-risk youths are some of the most vulnerable of our population. In addition to a basic education, school provides shelter, food, security, friends, other life sustaining resources they’re no longer receiving during COVID-19. To receive an education during COVID, our younger generation needs internet, a computer, electricity… commodities that many of our neighbors are struggling to provide.

We must support our neighbors and invest in our future. We hope you share our sense of urgency to do more. Organizations like the Square Root Academy have made it their mission “to provide accessible, quality, hands-on STEM education to at-risk youth progresses!”

To say we are impressed at what they are doing for our young learners is not enough. Recently, the Academy has partnered with Sacramento County office of Education to offer personal computers and hotspots to participants in the NoCal Cyber stories program. They’ve also hired eleven paid interns to gain work experience and offer education support through the digital Scholar’s Playground including live 1-on-1 tutoring.

As we continue to celebrate our 30th-year, we have decided to support the Square Root Academy with a donation. We are inspired by the work our local community does to bringing STEM education to our future.

Thank you to all of you for supporting the communities in which we live and work.

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