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Stoneridge Water Storage Facility

City of Roseville, California

West Yost provided hydraulic analysis, predesign, design, and construction management and inspection for the award-winning, Stoneridge Water Storage Facility project. The project consisted of a 2.9 MG prestressed concrete, partially buried, tank and associated inlet/outlet piping, control valves, drains, and site improvements.

The facilities’ presence on a small, residential street, in an existing neighborhood and adjacent to a protected open space preserve with endangered species habitat, required delicate public outreach efforts, considerable analysis, and focused attention during construction to avoid neighborhood and environmental impacts. These challenges were met by our project design and construction management team.

The predesign included traffic routing during construction to minimize the impacts to the neighborhood. During construction, the mitigation measures identified in the environmental impact report (EIR) were monitored and controlled. Issues such as dust and noise control were closely monitored.

The design included evaluating storage volumes and configurations with different inlet/outlet piping, control valves, and drains. Related improvements at the tank site included grading, paving, landscaping, fencing, site drainage, and tank overflow. SCADA connections and control valves were also evaluated to provide reservoir water level information and control reservoir filling and discharge.