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Southwest Area Tank & Pump Station

City of Woodland, California

West Yost provided the predesign, design, and construction management and inspection for a partially buried, 3 MG potable water concrete storage tank and a 6,000 gpm booster pump station located in the City’s David Douglass Park.

The need for the new tank was identified as part of the Water Focus Study prepared by West Yost. The Water Focus Study included development of a hydraulic water model and evaluation of the system’s ability to meet the established service criteria including storage. Storage requirements for the existing and future system were calculated, and calculations revealed that the City had a deficiency in system storage.

Using the hydraulic model, it was determined the southwest portion of the City experiences the lowest water system pressures at times of peak water usage. This portion of the City would benefit from the addition of ground-level water storage and additional pumping capacity. This project will increase the City’s ability to deliver a firm and reliable water supply.

The project consists of a 3 MG prestressed concrete water storage reservoir and a booster pump station with a rated capacity of 6,000 gpm. The concrete reservoir is a circular tank with a diameter of approximately 130 feet and a height of about 33-feet.

However, the tank is partially buried to reduce the visual impact to the neighbors and to better blend into the park surroundings. The booster pump station consists of four pumps, an automatic control valve, electrical controls, and chemical feed housed in a single-story masonry building. Additional project components included standby power, 2,000 feet of water transmission mains, site piping, paving, electrical and instrumentation, landscaping, and a wrought iron fence and sliding access gate.

The pump station consists of four 100-hp vertically mounted, turbine pumps located in a 38 feet by 68 feet enclosed building. The building design is masonry block with a sloping metal roof. The electrical equipment, including variable frequency drives, are located in a climate controlled electrical room in the building. The sodium hypochlorite chemical feed system is located in a separate room. The project features enhanced landscaping with walking trails and a public restroom for the existing park.

The City of Woodland tank project included an incentive program to be operational before July, which required timely submittal reviews and quick response to RFIs. The construction manager has been invaluable in assisting the contractor to coordinate with City staff regarding key decisions and processing required permits. The project had no significant change orders (less than one percent) and was completed on schedule