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Jamieson Canyon Water Treatment Plant Improvements

City of Napa, California

West Yost provided construction management (CM) and inspection services for this $38 million water treatment plant (WTP) improvement project. The three-year construction management project expanded the Jamieson Canyon WTP from 12 mgd average/16 mgd maximum to 20 mgd average/24 mgd maximum capacity. West Yost’s CM team provided construction management, resident engineering, inspections, and administrative services, as well as support expertise in process engineering, scheduling, and cost estimating.

Highlights of the system improvements include: addition of pretreatment ozone; construction of new (tube settling) flocculation/sedimentation basins; retrofit of the existing flocculation/sedimentation basin into a new ozone generation, sludge dewatering, an emergency backup power facility; construction of a new chemical storage and distribution system housed in a new building; installation of new washwater recovery clarifiers; construction of two new filters; and a complete rehabilitation of the administrative/operation and maintenance (O&M) facility.

Our CM team took a proactive approach to the following unique project issues:

West Yost’s CM team for the Jamieson WTP project was highly successful in meeting the project goals which included: building a quality project; minimizing disruptions and inconvenience to existing operations; maintaining the integrity of the plant’s process and final treated water; minimizing plant downtime, except as defined in the specifications; managing on-site plant staff interaction with the contractor; and completing the project, including the additional bid items within budget.