Willey Restoration Project
Sacramento County, California

West Yost under contract to an environmental services firm, provided engineering design and construction period  services for converting 217 acres of rice farmland into a wetlands and endangered giant garter snake habitat. The wetland will rely on two water sources: agricultural delivery and an onsite supplemental groundwater well.

Water balances were developed by West Yost to determine the required water supply for the project and to establish the optimal capacity of the backup irrigation well. Extensive grading and drainage improvements were developed for the wetland system.

Prior to this project, West Yost conducted an Inventory of Hydrologic Resources as part of a Resources Management Plan for the client. As part of this effort, West Yost conducted a review of hydrologic conditions and developed detailed mapping to depict surveyed data locations. Channel connectivity, function, hydrology, and operation were assessed. The project also included an analysis of the interaction between surface water and groundwater within a specific channel.