Water Transfer/Water Entitlements
Broomieside Ranch, California

West Yost completed an evaluation of the water entitlements and water resources, including both surface and ground water, available to a 2,200-acre ranch in Sutter County.

Work included research of riparian rights (the basis for the present entitlements) and the Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) contract, and documentation of historic water usage (diversions, crop consumptive use, and consumptive losses to percolation and evaporation of agricultural return flows). West Yost participated in negotiations with the water purchasers, and in negotiations related to California Department of Water Resources (DWR)/USBR approval of the transfer including documentation of transferable water and development of the process for DWR approval and wheeling of this water through State facilities. Ultimately the transfer was made to another water user in the Sacramento Valley that was short of water supplies (Dunnigan Water District).