Water Pump Station 20B, Turnout 5 & Associated Pipeline
Dublin San Ramon Services District, California

West Yost provided engineering services for this project to supply fluoridated water into the District’s Pressure Zones 1 and 2 of the East Dublin service area from the Alameda County Zone 7 Water Transmission Pipeline. The Pump Station 20B houses a fluoridation system for controlled feed of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pressure reducing/control valves.

The project provides construction of 1) Turnout 5 including flow and pressure measurement in a below-grade concrete vault with access doors, ventilation, sample station, and drainage pump; 2) approximately 3,000 feet of 20-inch diameter welded steel water main between Turnout 5 and Pump Station 20B with pipeline connections at either side of the Fallon/El Charro Road overcrossing; and 3) a 3,250 gpm pump station.