Water Focus Study
City of Woodland, California

West Yost is preparing a Water Focus Study for the City which will create a “roadmap” for future water system infrastructure, verify previous infrastructure sizing, ensure that the City is not missing any possible opportunities to build operational flexibility into planned facilities, and, most importantly, to seamlessly integrate a new treated surface water supply into the City.

The study identifies existing system deficiencies, required system improvements, new transmission and storage for surface water supply, and formulates a comprehensive Capital Improvement Program which meets the needs of existing and future customers.

West Yost provided a calibrated potable water distribution system model, conducted detailed hydraulic analyses to confirm previously identified, and recommended improvements including, pipeline sizing, system configurations, pump station and reservoir locations, and other infrastructure facilities. This included using the hydraulic model to evaluate the following types of changed conditions:

  • Addition of new surface water supply
  • Reduction in demands due to metering program implementation
  • Increased/decreased use of the groundwater basin
  • Expansion of water service to new development areas

In addition, the model will be used to identify trigger points for timing the construction of specific infrastructure improvements. West Yost also evaluated emergency power backup, made recommendations for phased improvements, and analyzed potential storage requirements and locations.