Water Distribution System Master Plan
Redwood City, California

West Yost developed the City’s Water Distribution System Master Plan, including development of a new, comprehensive distribution system hydraulic model.

The master plan elements included projecting water demands; evaluating the distribution system’s hydraulic capacity, water quality, emergency reliability, and seismic vulnerability; developing a long-term pipeline replacement strategy; and formulating an effective, prioritized capital improvement program. 

The demand projections were consistent with the City’s Urban Water Management Plan and the General Plan update, completed in Fall 2010. West Yost coordinated efforts within various City departments and created a demand projection methodology that facilitated the use of the latest General Plan data.

The hydraulic model is a calibrated all-pipes model West Yost developed from the City’s geographic information system (GIS). The model can be used to evaluate hydraulic capacity, water quality, and emergency reliability of City’s distribution system facilities. In developing the model, West Yost worked closely with the City to develop tools and protocols that will facilitate both future GIS and hydraulic model updates.

West Yost identified, prioritized, and addressed the City’s most critical needs, first through the capital improvement program (CIP), then developed a balanced program that helps the City address reliability, seismic, replacement, and capacity needs in a systematic and affordable manner. Key project elements included:

  • A calibrated extended period simulation hydraulic model. The model was developed for hydraulic, energy, and water quality analyses.
  • Site-specific assessments of seismic and operational vulnerabilities and a reliability evaluation, including system improvements for redundancy and reliability during planned outages and emergencies.
  • An aging distribution system infrastructure and an affordable replacement program.
  • A prioritized CIP to identify the best use of the City’s dollars.