Water and Recycled Water Master Planning
Dublin San Ramon Services District, California

West Yost worked with the Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD) in master planning both its water and recycled water systems, and in the design of water and recycled water facilities. This work included the completion of a comprehensive Water Master Plan update integrating aggressive water conservation and reclaimed water elements. Through water conservation and the identification of reclaimed water use opportunities, the projected future potable water demands were significantly reduced, and therefore infrastructure sizing was also reduced, saving money.

The water system hydraulic model was calibrated to within 2 psi of actual field conditions, used to evaluate the hydraulic capability of the existing system, and to plan for the future system. Current deficiencies were identified, and a prioritized and phased Capital Improvement Program (CIP) was developed to address both existing and future needs.

After completing the Water Master Plan, West Yost completed a Recycled Water Master Plan that included a comprehensive model that was used to size transmission and distribution pipelines, pump stations and reservoirs, analyzed the ability of the system to meet minimum pressure and flows during a maximum day and peak hour irrigation period, and develop a comprehensive CIP.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was the confirmation of the recycled water demands. This required very detailed estimates of the percentage of land that could be irrigated by land use category; the irrigation consumptive water use; and the irrigation period. Each of these issues were integral to the estimate of the recycled water demand and the maximum day and peak hour peaking factors. Because the model included demands from both East Bay Municipal Utility District and DSRSD, it integrated multiple patterns of irrigation periods and separate maximum day demand uses.

West Yost recently completed an update to both the Water and Recycled Water System Master Plans and the Urban Water Management Plans. Project elements included: performing a quick update and system-wide assessment of the existing hydraulic model to verify completeness and current accuracy; performing specific hydraulic analyses to evaluate and develop solutions for issues including low pressure areas; integrating Parks Reserve Force Training Area, and evaluation of the benefits of the Dougherty Reservoir; creating a spreadsheet model to track actual water demands/usage compared to planned demands/usage by development project by comparing planned versus actual project build-out densities; and integrating the Final Water Supply Assessment (WSA) for Eastern Dublin, and the WSAs for Dublin Ranch West.

For the DSRSD, multiple hydraulic network models of individual planning areas were converted by West Yost into a single, seamless hydraulic model of the entire existing and future DSRSD service area.