Water and Recycled Water Master Plan
City of Tracy, California

West Yost has assisted the City in planning its water system for over 20 years, including development of their original Water Master Plan, creating and updating the City’s water system model, and developing an integrated water supply plan. West Yost is currently assisting the City in preparing a Citywide Water System Master Plan which will encompass the City’s potable water and recycled water systems.

West Yost’s work on the Citywide Water System Master Plan encompasses the City’s potable water and recycled water systems, and includes conducting hydraulic network analyses and modeling. Key project elements addressed by West Yost include:

  • Developing an accurate estimate of existing potable and non-potable demands and a realistic projection of future demands, including the refinement of water duty factors for each of the City’s customer classes.
  • Providing an integrated water supply plan that focuses on the reliability of both existing surface water and groundwater supplies and also provides an overview of potential potable water offsets using recycled water, including an evaluation of water quality issues.
  • Providing an operational, dynamic model that is capable of a wide range of analyses and extended period simulations and can confidently be used to evaluate and refine sizing and the layout of the water and recycled water distribution systems.
  • Developing a capital improvement program that prioritizes and phases projects, is defensible, and accounts for increased conservation activities.

Existing groundwater, potential new wells, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) wells, out-of-basin storage, and recycled water to offset potable demands and help meet non-potable demands, are all being evaluated in the development of a Comprehensive and Integrated Water Supply Plan for the City. Water quality will also be a major consideration in the development of this plan, from both a delivered water quality and wastewater effluent discharge standpoint.