Wastewater Collection System Asset Management Plan and Master Plan Update
Castro Valley Sanitary District, California

As consulting District Engineer, West Yost developed a gravity sewer Asset Management Program, and is currently conducting wet weather flow monitoring for use in recalibrating the District’s existing hydraulic model. Key components of this work included:

  • Combined new and existing flow monitoring data to calibrate the District’s existing hydraulic model, and size and scope hydraulic capacity improvement projects.
  • Established levels of service to document District goals and to guide operations and maintenance and capital improvement funding priorities.
  • Conducted a Risk Assessment of District assets using geospatial, operational, and hydraulic capacity data to identify assets with the highest risk of overflow/failure.
  • Developed and implemented consistent, reliable, and repeatable process for maintenance procedures, condition assessments, rehabilitation/replacement prioritization, and capital improvement project funding in order to reduce the risk of failures, spills, and third-part lawsuits.
  • Audited and revised the District’s SSMP including overflow emergency response procedures.