Wastewater Collection System 9
City of Stockton

West Yost designed and provided construction management for the System 9 project on a fast-track schedule. This $14 million project used a design-build contract approach for construction and retained West Yost in the role of the City’s representative for construction management and inspection services. 

The construction included more than 5 miles of sewer lines, including 18-inch diameter ductile iron force mains and two pump stations. The pipelines extended through right-of-ways controlled by Caltrans, San Joaquin County, and the City; and passed through both undeveloped agricultural areas and fully-developed City streets. The pipeline construction included boring-and-jacking underneath two streambed crossings and two railroad crossings. The project also included the construction of two pump stations, Sanguinetti Lane (11-MGD) and Origone Lane (5-MGD). CM services included all contract administration, full-time onsite construction monitoring, and all closeout activities.