Washington Park Reservoir Replacement, City of Portland, Oregon
Portland Water Bureau, Oregon

West Yost is leading the engineering services during construction for the Portland Water Bureau’s (PWB’s) Washington Park Reservoir Replacement Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Project. West Yost and our subconsultants are providing all construction phase engineering services, which includes addressing submittals, RFI’s, construction change directives and change order request support. West Yost is providing cost estimating, evaluation of schedule and management of subconsultants. 
With over 30 subconsultants contributing to the design phase of the project, PWB was concerned with the coordination of the completed contract documents. West Yost completed a document review for inconsistencies and coordination issues to stay ahead of the CM/GC contractor on RFIs in the field. Following that review, West Yost has designed project elements that were not originally designed as the PWB had requested, or were not going to serve the project as intended, or were not constructible. This included redesigning the intake and outlet piping to accommodate severe site constraints. Outlet piping was realigned to travel through the reservoir, then under the existing dam using bore-and jack installation. West Yost worked closely with the contractor to develop detailed drawings quickly to facilitate construction. The design accommodated the contractor’s jacking pit constraints, facilitating a change from four trenchless installations to three, saving PWB over $1M. 

Design tasks on this project included designing pressure and gravity mains ranging in size from 4 to 30 inches and materials including: ductile iron, welded steel, HDPE and PVC. Additional design tasks have included providing chlorine injection facilities, valves and appurtenances, flexible connections, access vaults, and corrosion protection.

Services included:

  • Utility coordination, and relocation
  • Waterline routing and design for open-cut waterline installation, and trenchless installation
  • Chlorine injection facility design
  • Coordination with stakeholders, including local jurisdictions, and Trimet
  • Cathodic protection
  • Seismic design
  • Phasing projects and scheduling including public involvement and other key aspects fit into the overall project schedule
  • Technical specification preparation
  • Project cost estimating
  • Construction related engineering services, which include submittal review, and response to requests for information
  • Preparation of as-built drawings