Urban Recycled Water Facilities Planning Study
Town of Windsor, California

West Yost conducted a study to estimate the potential for urban recycled water use to expand the Town’s existing recycled water system and offset potable water use for non-potable water demands. The project included a market assessment (demand analysis), a facilities alternatives analysis, a construction financing plan, and a California Environmental Quality Act fatal flaw analysis, followed by preparation of the study report in compliance with grant guidelines. The study identified recycled water demand and infrastructure with the potential to offset almost 1,000 acre-feet of potable water use per year. The facilities alternatives analysis ranked the potential projects based on several ranking criteria developed with Town input.

This planning study for the Town of Windsor included a robust market analysis, alternatives analysis with diverse stakeholders including agriculture and viticulture, and regional integration of planning solutions.

The Sonoma County Water Agency participated in the work and in funding the project. One of the most intriguing findings of the study is the potential to develop a regional recycled water system to serve recycled water to the Town’s commercial and industrial potable irrigation customers in the Sonoma County Airport Area to offset existing and future potable water use. Regionalizing the recycled water system would better balance recycled water supply and demand by creating two potential recycled water supply sources: The Town’s Water Reclamation Plant and the County’s Airport wastewater treatment plant.