Supplemental Water Supply Acquisition
City of Tracy, California

Due to increased demands, the City needed to obtain additional water supplies to supplement two existing sources. West Yost assisted the City with initial meetings with potential supplies, initial water transfer assignment agreements, and follow-up, leading to a 5,000 acre-feet annually (afa) of contract water with an option for an additional 2,500 afa.

The City had a total of up to 19,000 afa of available water supply. The City is an existing Central Valley Project (CVP) Contractor, has a water supply contract with the Bureau of Reclamation (Bureau) for 10,000 afa of M&I reliability supply from the Delta-Mendota Canal (DMC), and can pump approximately 9,000 afa of locally available groundwater.

Two potential supply sources were the Banta-Carbona Irrigation District (BCID), and the West Side Irrigation District (WSID), and a third was the acquisition of 10,000 afa of South San Joaquin Irrigation District supplies.  Both BCID and WSID are CVP Contractors with Bureau water supplies delivered through the DMC, have lands which are located adjacent to existing City limits and have lands which have been or are ultimately planned to be annexed into the City.

West Yost’s work included the following, and lead to the assignment from the Bureau of 5,000 afa of BCID’s contract water to the City, and an initial 2,500 afa, with an option for an additional 2,500 afa from WSID:

  • Initial discussions and meetings with representatives of BCID and WSID.
  • Obtaining information on comparable water transfer agreements.
  • Development of an initial water transfer assignment agreement, as approved by the City Council, for consideration by the BCID and WSID Boards.
  • Follow-up meetings with City staff and representatives of BCID and WSID.