Storm Drain Master Plan
University of California, Davis

The University of California, Davis campus is the largest campus in the UC system, spanning over 5,500 acres across two counties (Yolo and Solano). West Yost prepared a campus-wide storm drainage master plan, that included a detailed capital improvement program to meet existing and planned growth.

The master plan included the development and use of a GIS based facilities and land use map, survey of pipe sizes and manhole inverts, development of a XP-SWMM model of the entire central campus system including detention storage and pumping facilities, development of drainage system performance criteria, identification of improvements to eliminate existing ponding and flooding areas, and evaluation of the existing maintenance program with recommendations for improved functionality and efficiencies.

The south campus and west campus drainage systems were modeled using HEC-1 for the hydrology and spreadsheets for the hydraulic evaluations. The Master Plan was subsequently updated by West Yost, and an innovative system of using the existing drains for conveying 10-year storm flows and a system of channels for containing/conveying the 100-year flows was developed.