Storm Drain Master Plan
Town of Loomis

West Yost prepared a drainage master plan for the Town with three main objectives: evaluating existing flooding problems, identifying potential improvements, and preparing drainage utility maps. The Town did not have storm drain utility maps, therefore, significant effort was devoted to developing these maps. This project also included incorporating the 100-year floodplain into the utility mapping, developing flood control facilities, preparing facility cost estimates, and developing a storm drain maintenance program.

The storm drain mapping was based largely on as-built plans supplemented with field verification and surveying. The mapping included invert and rim elevations, pipe size, structure type, creek and canal locations, detention facilities, and the FEMA 100-year floodplains.

The field survey included surveying some individual structures for direct entry into the utility mapping. Surveying was also performed to allow adjustment of the as-built plans to the same horizontal and vertical datums as the utility mapping. This approach significantly reduced the overall project cost (versus surveying every structure in the Town) and still provided a high quality mapping database.