Stony Creek Fan Aquifer Performance Testing
Stony Creek Fan Partners, California

West Yost is currently providing hydrogeologic consulting services for investigation and aquifer performance testing of the Lower Tuscan Aquifer as part of the Stony Creek Fan Conjunctive Water Management Program, a multi-year research program in Glenn County. The study will help characterize the extent, hydraulic properties, water quality and sources of recharge in the Lower Tuscan Formation and related parts of the aquifer system.

The scope of services includes providing technical support during preparation of a federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Assessment (EA). Providing technical responses to legal challenges, providing geologic expertise during drilling of test holes extending to the base of fresh water, designing five 1,500-foot test-production wells, overseeing construction of the production wells, developing a phased, multi-year aquifer performance test work plan for the Lower Tuscan Aquifer, and implementing the aquifer performance test work plan.

West Yost is working in close coordination with staff of the California Department of Water Resources, Northern District (DWR). The scope of this coordination includes project planning, review and assessment of DWR groundwater data using GIS tools, geologic logging and assessment of geologic, groundwater and water quality results.