Southern Yolo County Deep Aquifer Study
University of California, Davis, and the cities of Davis and Woodland, California

West Yost evaluated the capacity of the deep aquifer zone (approximately 700 to 1,500 feet below land surface) for future water supply development by the cities of Davis and Woodland and UC Davis. As part of this study, West Yost performed aquifer tests using City and University production wells. The largest test involved pumping at an average rate of approximately 2,500 gpm for 13 days.

The tests relied heavily on automated data loggers, which were used to measure pumping rates, water levels, and barometric pressure. The aquifer test data were corrected for background water level trends, fluctuations in barometric pressure due to storm events, and earth tides prior to calculation of the hydraulic properties of the aquifer. West Yost also participated in the evaluation of aquifer recharge characteristics using standard water quality analyses, stable isotopes, and carbon-14 dating. West Yost worked with UC Davis/City operations staff to assist in coordination of pumping tests and scheduling of well operations. The work was funded in part by an AB 303 grant.