Sewer Planning
Veolia Water / City of Richmond, California

West Yost is providing as needed sewer planning support to Veolia Water, the contract water, wastewater, and stormwater system operator for the City.

The City’s settlement agreement with a prominent environmental group requires infiltration and inflow (I&I) reductions and system improvements similar to those required by an EPA order.

West Yost’s work in support of this settlement has included; a Sewer System Management Plan; development of prioritized capital improvement program (CIP); State Revolving Fund (SRF) funding support; maintenance planning support; hydraulic modeling; and master planning support.

Details of the services provided include:

  • Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP). West Yost completed a peer review and provided updates to the Richmond SSMP, as required to meet both RWQCB and Statewide waste discharge requirements SSMP requirements.
  • Development of prioritized CIP. West Yost reviewed the City’s available sewer planning documents, I&I data, CCTV inspection data, and other maintenance records, to develop a near-term CIP that prioritizes replacements and combines isolated rehabilitation needs into more cost-effective projects. The CIP addresses issues that are known to contribute to increased I&I within the sewer system.
  • SRF funding support. West Yost is managing the SRF process, including preparing loan application documents for five significant wastewater treatment and collection system improvement projects that are required to improve system maintenance, reduce overflows, and permit violations.
  • Maintenance planning support. West Yost analyzed various outputs from the City’s CMMS database to help Veolia determine areas for improvement to their sewer system inspection process, and to pinpoint critical repairs that will immediately reduce the potential for wet weather SSOs.
  • Hydraulic modeling and master planning support. West Yost and Veolia are finalizing details for a joint project to complete sewer system model development and capacity analysis. Model results will facilitate needed refinements to the City’s collection system master plan. West Yost will also use model results to further define needs and costs of local versus regional storage.