Sewer Master Plan
City of Stockton

The City has embarked on a General Plan Update to establish a vision for the City’s future through 2035 and/or 2050. West Yost provided infrastructure planning to the General Plan team. In this role, West Yost identified the wastewater facilities needed to serve the anticipated growth.

The analysis included residential and commercial development associated with a population of 660,000, over 2 ½ times the current population. The work involved preparation of a collection system model for backbone infrastructure in growth areas, as well as an evaluation of the existing collection system’s ability to serve infill development. Treatment plant planning included a thorough assessment of current and anticipated water quality standards, and identification of the treatment plant improvements needed to address those requirements. The magnitude of this planning effort is reflected in the preliminary estimate of backbone infrastructure costs for the 2050 plan, over $1.1 billion. The work product included a complete, stand-alone Wastewater Master Plan document that will also serve as the technical background needed for the General Plan and EIR. West Yost is now working with the General Plan team to prepare a 2035 infrastructure master plan while providing continuing support during preparation of the General Plan and environmental documents.

In addition to collection system and treatment plant planning services, West Yost has designed and provided construction manager for several collection system project in the City of Stockton, including the award-winning 14-Mile slough pump station, and the System 9 Collection System Design/Build project.