Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update
City of West Sacramento, California

The City of West Sacramento is expecting significant growth in the coming years. West Yost is identifying the capacity and condition improvements required in the collection system to support that growth. The figure above indicates that the risk of condition failure is significantly lower in the southern half of the collection system, and West Yost is currently evaluating future growth scenarios in the south with capacity sensitivity analyses.

West Yost is performing a comprehensive Sewer Master Plan for the City of West Sacramento. The comprehensive master plan includes a hydraulic analysis of existing and future capacity to provide capacity for anticipated growth, and a condition analysis to provide a risk-based prioritized rehabilitation and repair plan for existing infrastructure. The capacity improvement projects and rehabilitation/repair projects will be integrated into a prioritized CIP that results in a financial analysis and new connection fees.

Highlights of the City of West Sacramento Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update project include:

  • Dry and wet weather flow monitoring for hydraulic model calibration
  • Gravity main risk assessment to prioritize CCTV inspection
  • CCTV inspection
  • Pump Station Condition Assessment
  • Hydraulic model analysis of existing and future flows
  • New development capacity sensitivity analysis
  • Comprehensive CIP that prioritizes new capacity and existing rehabilitation/repair projects
  • Financial Analysis