Riverfront Interceptor Wet Weather Lift Station
City of Albany, Oregon

The City of Albany (City) selected West Yost to design the Riverfront Sewer Interceptor Lift Station and Force Main Project. The Riverfront Interceptor was constructed in the early 1950s and is the City’s oldest and largest interceptor sewer (4.5 feet in diameter at the downstream end, and 8,713 total linear feet). The project includes design of a new 12,500 gpm (17.5 mgd) lift station and 7,000 feet of 30-inch force main. Project Manager Walt Meyer authored the 2015 Riverfront Interceptor Evaluation report. The design team built on that work to design a $10M project that successfully addresses significant operational and regulatory risks from sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). 

The project will provide the City with the necessary peak flow capacity during high-flow conditions and will be integrated into the City’s wastewater utility to eliminate sewage overflows into the Willamette River.