Reuse System Expansion
City of Creswell, Oregon

West Yost designed a major expansion to the City’s effluent reuse program. A three-mile-long force main was designed to deliver water to a newly purchased 215 acre reuse site. A new reclaimed water pump station was designed as part of the treatment plant design. The pipeline included a crossing of Camas Swale Creek for which an Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit and a State Lands Division permit were obtained.

On the reuse site, West Yost designed a center-pivot irrigation system to efficiently irrigate at agronomic uptake and crop growth. A weather station and soil moisture monitoring wells were also included in the project for management of application rates at the site. Radio telemetry was provided to allow for remote monitoring and operation of the system by the operators at the treatment facility. Related work included developing a Reclaimed Water Use Plan that was approved by the Department of Environmental Quality, acquiring land use approval from Lane County, and conducting numerous public information meetings and hearings.