Recycled Water System Plan
Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District, California

West Yost is currently completing a Recycled Water System Plan for the Water Agency’s Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District that includes a comprehensive evaluation of the existing system, review of existing and future system operations, development of a hydraulic model, projecting future wastewater and recycled water flows, reviewing existing customer usage and service preferences, and analysis of a future recycled water distribution system to deliver recycled water to potential future customers. 

West Yost is working closely with the Water Agency and Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District staff to develop a list of goals and objectives to guide the development and evaluation of the recycled water system. West Yost is compiling and reviewing existing data, plans and documents relevant to the recycled water and wastewater systems in the study area; performing an asset inventory update; and compiling and analyzing the operations and maintenance history of the existing distribution system to provide an accurate assessment of the current system and to identify future areas of potential improvement to achieve long-term recycled water system planning goals. In addition, West Yost surveyed the Water Agency’s existing recycled water customers to assess needs and preferences regarding recycled water quality, pressure, time and season of delivery, usage and reliability.